Adhesive capsulitis

Clinical History: 
65 year old man presents with complaints of joint pain primarily located in the right shoulder since 3 months. The pain is continuous, 5/10 in severity, aggravates with activity and limits range of motion.

Adhesive capsulitis.

MR Technique: 
3T scanner (Siemens Verio) with shoulder coil. Image 1: axial T2 (TR/TE 4000/75, slice thickness 3 mm, scan time 4 min 9 sec); Image 2: coronal oblique T2 (TR/TE 3790/74, slice thickness 3 mm, scan time 2 min 32 sec.)

Imaging Findings:
Axial and coronal oblique T2 weighted images show thickening and edema in the inferior aspect of the capsule (the axillary pouch of the inferior glenohumeral ligament). These findings indicate active adhesive capsulitis.