Neuroradiology The Essentials with MR and CT

NeuroradiologyCoverSMNeuroradiology: the Essentials with MR and CT is written both to be read from cover to cover and to be used as a quick reference in the midst of a busy clinical day. Designed as a practical educational resource for clinical Neuroradiology, the text is divided into three sections – the brain, head and neck, and spine. Care has been taken for the text to be inclusive, yet focusing on commonly encountered diseases, and to cover well the breadth of the field without gaps.The diseases and their imaging presentations that one is likely to encounter in clinical practice, and that are essential to know, are included. The focus is on illustrating and describing the MR and CT appearances of these, discussing in depth the imaging findings. The text is written from a clinical radiology perspective, drawing on personal experience and covering common imaging findings often not well described in more traditional, academic textbooks.

The true basis of the text is that of clinical neuroradiology, recognition of characteristic findings on both MR and CT of the disease processes we are likely to encounter in clinical practice, using as a basis excellent images and case material from both modalities.

Val M. Runge, M

Foreword, Preface, and Abbreviations


Chapter ONE cases