Type II dens fracture


Image 3

Clinical History:
A 42 year old male with numbness and tingling in thumb after diving into pool and hitting his head.

Type II dens fracture

MR Technique:
3.0 Tesla scanner (Siemens Skyra) using a 24-channel spine coil. Image 1: Sagittal T1_TIRM_dark-fluid (TR/TE 2000/9.4 ms, scan time 2 min 22 sec * 2, slice thickness 3 mm); Image 2: Sagittal T2_TIRM (TR/TE 4000/47 ms, scan time 1 min 56 sec * 2, slice thickness 3 mm); Image 3: Coronal reformatted image from sagittal T2_SPC_isovolumetric (TR/TE 1500/134ms, scan time 5 min 48 sec, slice thickness 0.8 mm).

Imaging Findings:
A T1 hypointense T2 bright fracture line extends along the base of the dens. The prevertebral soft tissues are within normal limits. Small posterior disc-osteophyte complexes are present at the C4-C5 and C5-C6 levels.